Who Is God? Nehemiah 9:9


I want to share with you an excerpt from this past Sunday’s message, “Who Is God?” We’re looking at the prayer the Isrealites prayed to God in Nehemiah Chapter 9, the longest recorded prayer in the Bible, as they reflect on the nature and character of God. There is an ebb and flow to the history recorded in this prayer. It documents God’s steady and continual faithfulness in spite of the people’s vacillating commitment to God.

As part of my message, I made the following suggestion that I’d like to pass on to you –

“Too often we ask God why. “Why am I going through this? What am I struggling? Why am I lonely? Why am I sick? Why am I unhappy? Why?”
But maybe we shouldn’t ask “why”, but “what”, as in, “What are you trying to show me, Lord, about myself? What are You trying to show me, Lord, about You?” “What do You want me to learn from this?” “What area of my life is this revealing that is not yielded to You, not crucified to You, not submitted to You?” “What can I do in this to trust You more?” “What can I do in this to be more like Christ, to allow His Spirit to govern me and not my flesh?”

Suddenly, our struggles take on a different light, don’t they? Think about it. They go from being a victim who is absorbed in self pity and can’t see the forest for the trees to being someone who sees the spiritual significance in things, where we can grow and learn and mature and be victorious and be more like Christ and through our struggles die more to the flesh and live more in the Spirit.

So don’t ask “why”, but “what”. It’ll change everything in how you look at struggles. And be ready to be blown away by the perspective shift it brings when the Holy Spirit reveals the powerful truths He’ll reveal.”

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Ask this week “what” When facing a struggle. See what happens.