The Harvest – Special Interview 003

The Harvest is inspirational stories of what God is doing in our community and across the world! Today’s guests are missionaries with Chosen People Ministries, which has been reaching Jewish people with the Gospel since 1894 and is ministering in about 20 countries. One of Chosen People Ministries unique ministries to Jewish people is their outreach to Israelis after their army service. Check out the video to learn more.

You can reach out to them, get their prayer letters, and/or give to our fund at Chosen People Ministries:

Chosen People Ministries:

Online article about how to share your faith with a Jewish person:

If they want to go deeper in understanding Jewish evangelism, I would recommend this book:

Thank you for tuning in and seeing what God is doing here on “The Harvest”.
Faith Assembly of God, Rock Hill, SC