Nehemiah 9:5-37

Nehemiah 9:5-37 is a summary prayer of God’s faithfulness, of His steadiness and consistency in spite of the people’s vacillating commitment to Him. He was constant through every generation.

I counted, and in this passage the words “You, Your, Yourself” appears 89 times in 32 verses as it relates to God, nearly 3 times for each verse.

This was a prayer to God about God.

It listed a ton of His unchangeable attributes, including “You are righteous”, “You are forgiving”, “You are gracious”, You are compassionate”, “You are slow to anger”, “You are abounding in love”, “You are merciful”, “You are just”, and, “You are faithful”.

These attributes of God are fixed and are His very nature. Nothing we can do or not do will ever change them or change Him.

The Bible says of God that there is no shadow of turning with Him. He never changes. He’s consistent, dependable, and steady.

It is important to reflect on His attributes often, to be reminded of them in times of struggle and difficulty. It brings strength and encouragement to our spirits. It puts things back in perspective. It reminds us God is still in control, He hasn’t left us, and He has our best interest at heart.

Be reminded today…God is STILL God!

In a world that is getting more vile every day as darkness seems to be closing in all around us, let’s be reminded of Who we serve and His power over darkness and ultimate victory over sin and death.

Be reminded today….God Is STILL God!!

Be encouraged this week in this fact.

God Is STILL God!!