Life [together] Calendar

Seasons: This is the time period when the small groups meet together.
Off Ramp / On Ramp Period: These weeks between the Seasons are called Off Ramp and On Ramp that hold our celebration
Grow Sunday: Grow Sunday is a
celebration event where everyone signs
up for small groups.

Celebration Event: This event will be for all Life [together] Hosts and Leaders, and it
will focus on celebrating the end of the
SEASON 1 (14 Weeks)

Off Ramp / On Ramp Period:
December 15th, 2019 – January 4th

Grow Sunday:
December 29th

January 5th – April 11th

Celebration Event – April 16th

SEASON 2 (15 Weeks)

Off Ramp / On Ramp Period:
April 12th – May 2nd

Grow Sunday:
April 26th

May 3rd – August 8th

Celebration Event – August 13th

SEASON 3 (17 Weeks)

Off Ramp / On Ramp Period:
August 9th – August 29th

Grow Sunday:
August 23rd

August 30th – December 12th

Celebration Event – December 15th