What About Next Steps?

Whether new to being a Christian, or a “veteran,” we should never stop growing. Our Training Camps are built to facilitate growth at any stage of life. Pros and rookies of any professional sports teams come together at the beginning of each season for a focused time of sharpening old skills, and learning new ones. Our Camps are designed to do the same thing.

Bible TC

Learning to recognize God’s voice by practicing Bible listening.

Power TC

Where’s the power to live like we should? There’s only one source of power. We’ll not only learn who He is, but practice the things that keep us connected to Him.

Armor TC

We know we’re in a battle, and need the armor. Most studies about that focus on what the armor is, but we tell you how to put it on, and practice it together.

Prayer TC

Once we’ve got our armor on, we’re ready to engage in the battle. Prayer is the battle, and we will learn how to pray, and what to include in our prayers.

Destiny TC

God has a plan for each of us. It’s not something that’s somewhere out there in the vague future. We can be practicing things that will enable us to start living our destiny right now.

Eagles TC

It’s the adult eagles who can soar. In this camp, we learn to ride the “wind” of the Holy Spirit to the target He has for each of us to reach!