Jay & Nancy have the privilege of serving as Area Directors for the Central American missionary family. They are passionate about missionary training and mobilizing new workers for the unreached areas of LAC. In addition they are working with other leaders to mobilize new missionaries from this region to the needs around the world!
We have been serving with AGWM for the past 21 years. Jay and I started our missionary career in Belize and served there for 8 years. We worked hand in hand with the national church establishing new works, directing the Latin America Chlid Care school, and building a high school for marginalized/at risk students. We were asked to direct the language and missionary formation school (CINCEL) located in Costa Rica in 2003.. Together we served as the directors for 5 years and during that time we also built 2 churches and were involved with the police, helping them to go into the schools in the southern part of Costa Rica and educate the students on the dangers of sexual exploitation and drug abuse, this also gave us the opportunity to present the Gospel message.  For the past 8 years we have been serving as the area directors for all our missionaries in Central America. We have the privilege of pastoring our missionaries and championing their causes, ministering to them and with them. We feel blessed to serve in this capacity and representing AGWM. We are also working with a program called “Chicas de promesa” (girls of promise) and Chicos de valor (boys of character). These programs are in response to the director of one of our LACC schools in Costa Rica having to go 2-3 times a week to report abuse of the girls in her school. The Lord birthed this idea of a girls and boys empowerment club in the hearts of the director and another missionary. Together we have worked with them, and helped find funding, and work with teams, to see change take place in this school and in the lives of the boys and girls. Through the club discipleship program these students have come to realize the value they have in the family of Christ.